the Ode Ritual

A sacred ritual infused with kinesiology to awaken the wisdom of your heart, womb and body

This 2 hour in person ritual invites you to journey inward to connect with your deeper knowing. Led by Zoe Bosco, Quantum Healer and Kinesiologist, you will be held in a sacred space to connect deeply to your heart and set intentions for what you desire to create and manifest. Anchored in the Ode’s transformative products provided for your ritual you will activate and enhance your intentions to truly expand into your deepest truth.

Infused with Kinesiology and embodiment practices to support you in aligning your subconscious field with your conscious intent. Together you will start by setting intentions and expanding into the field of potential. You will then be guided to learn how to insource divine feminine wisdom, guidance, and creativity to discover your unique magic.

the Ode is devoted to empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to access your own innate wisdom and awaken the Creatrix within. the Ode products are infused throughout and serve as a self-care anchor point throughout your ritual, supporting you to awaken the wisdom of your heart, womb and body.

2 hours
Moonshine Women home


Intention setting practice sent via email prior to the experience
1 x 2hr in person ritual experience led by Zoe Bosco at your accommodation venue
1 x the Ode product per person aligned with the intentions of the ritual
Reflection practice sent via email post the experience

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