The Art of Seduction

Tap into your inner seductress and confidence as you master an empowered lap dance

Ignite your inner seductress in this incredibly sexy lap dance and striptease workshop, where you’ll learn how to tap into sensual embodiment and killer confidence.

Empowered lap dance is all about reclaiming your sensuality and indulging in your own magic. It’s from this place that you can share a lap dance experience with a lover or friend. The Art of Seduction, led by Eleanor Hadley, will equip you with the confidence to be witness in your magnetism.

Suitable for all levels, you don’t need any movement or dance background to become the most alluring seductress ever. You will be guided to focus on total embodiment, as opposed to perfection of ‘moves’ so that you can create a unique experience.

By the end of the workshop, you will have gained the skills to tap into your sensuality, connect deeply with whoever is lucky enough to be your lap, luxuriate in your radiance and flow in a full routine.

Eleanor Hadley, also known as ‘Queen of Sensuality’ is a Certified Life Coach specialising in sensuality, sexuality, menstrual cycle awareness, relationships and communication. Her teachings have empowered women around the world.

2 hours
Moonshine Women Home or Studio


In a safe space, you will explore how to –
Make magnetic eye contact
Seduce yourself and your lover
Create a sensual space
Embody your femininity
Confidently command the room
Give a sensual empowered lap dance
Master a sultry striptease

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