Tantric Rewilding Journey

Reawaken the untamed, primal parts of your feminine essence to unleash your full power

This is a journey back to your true nature and the forgotten parts of the feminine. She who is deeply connected to her power, the cycles of nature, her body, her emotions, and her life-force essence.

Women have experienced centuries of repression. The true wild and intuitive nature of the feminine feared and buried, replaced with a caged and superficial ideal of the feminine woman. Leaving most women with a sense of disconnection, always searching for something more.

The Tantric path is one of experiencing our own vastness beyond the limitations of the human conditions. This journey is an invitation back to your roots, back to the wild divine feminine.

You will be guided on an individual journey surrounded by your sisters, using breath, movement and sound to access the deeper layers of the subtle-body. To unearth the forgotten parts of your divinity and power.

The workshop begins with an introduction to Tantric philosophy, followed by a guided rewilding journey to music. We close the journey by reconnecting to one another in sacred circle to share and integrate the journey together.

Kerrie is a Tantra teacher, a Tao Tantric Sacred Feminine Arts facilitator, and an embodiment, sexuality and relationship coach for singles and couples. She works closely with individuals to access deep healing, love, freedom and inner-empowerment.

2 hours
Moonshine Women Home or Studio


Tantric philosophy lecture
Guided rewilding journey – laying down and standing, moving and dancing
Women’s circle

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