Sri Lankan Cooking Workshop

Learn how to cook a delicious plant-based feast as you the harness traditional methods of Sri Lankan cooking

Cade share’s traditional Sri Lankan recipes and cooking methods that he learnt on his travels. You’ll fine tune your cultural cooking skills; shredding fresh coconut, using a mortar and pestle to grind curry paste, making homemade coconut milk, mixing spices and cooking your curries in clay pots.

Cade McConnell is a poet, writer and plant-based cook based in Byron Bay. Raised in a small coastal town on Worimi Country, his upbringing seeded a deep appreciation for the wild aliveness of the Australian land and sea.

His travels to the Indian subcontinent gifted him a connection to yoga and vipassana meditation, which have become dedicated practices in his life whilst his love for poetry has become a form of healing therapy. Cade’s approach to plant-based cooking is an extension of his practice, where food is an opportunity for connection and presence – with ourselves, each other and the earth.

Through his offerings he hopes to inspire others to relate to life with reverence, as part of a collective contribution to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

All dishes from the Cooking Workshop are vegan friendly, refined sugar and gluten free, using organic ingredients. After you create and cook, sit and share the array of food together.

A sample menu for your homestyle Sri Lankan feast –
Pumpkin curry
Green bean curry
Tomato curry
Pineapple chutney
Coconut sambol

3 hours
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Learn how to cook traditional Sri Lankan food
Take home 6 authentic Sri Lankan recipes
A full but satisfied belly and a warmed heart

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