Sound Bath Meditation

Surrender to your deepest restoration with a luxe multi-sensory meditation

Guided breathwork, luscious soundscapes and aromatic anchors are all part of this deeply immersive experience led by Brieann Boal. A meditation drawing on the therapeutic benefits of sound; a combination of frosted quartz crystal singing bowls, Koshi and energy chimes.

A Sound Bath is a full-body listening experience that uses vibrations and sound frequencies to invite profound therapeutic processes to nurture the mind and body. 

Walk into a candle-lit room of mats, bolsters, blankets and eye pillows, wearing your most comfortable clothes. The intention is simply to rest. Lay back, close your eyes, drink in the aromatic anchors of palo santo, crystal and flower infused elixirs and allow yourself to be bathed in sound. Because our brains are natural pattern seekers, the bowls and chimes are played in intuitive sequences. These less predictable combinations take you out of the control tower of your mind and subdue you into a deep, restorative state of meditation.

When you’re in theta state, your innate intuition, inner healing resources and creativity become more accessible to the body and mind. You receive mental clarity, endorphin boosts and an abundance of inspiration. As a bonus, because the ear is connected to every part of the body via nerve pathways, the natural healing harmonics of the chimes and bowls have an immediate and positively soothing effect on the whole system.

Brieann is a certified Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness Instructor, Holistic Personal Trainer and the founder of Wabi-Sabi Well, a holistic wellness method that blends metabolism-boosting movement, mindfulness and deep relaxation techniques.

1 hour
Moonshine Women home


Guided meditation
Intention setting and gratitude ritual
Sound bath
Everything you need for a deeply restful experience – yoga mat, lavender eye pillow, blankets, bolsters, crystal and flower infused mists and sacred plants for smudging rituals

Benefits –
Positively alters your brainwaves
Calms your body and mind
Reduces stress and anxiety
Increases focus, clarity and creativity
Decreases tension and fatigue
Boosts your mood
Improves sleep
Elevates feelings of spiritual wellbeing

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