Sexuality And Pleasure

Develop an intimate relationship with your body and sexuality guided by Kerrie Louise

During this Masterclass you will learn about the art of embodiment, the nature of pleasure and arousal, and how to create an intimate relationship with your body and sexuality.

Whether you are just beginning your journey of sexual empowerment, or are craving a deeper understanding of your sexual nature, this Masterclass will support you to develop a powerful understanding of your body and the pathway to ecstatic intimacy.

Deepen your connection to your sexuality and relationship with pleasure, from pin-pointing your blocks to erotic empowerment, right through to the pathways to full-body opening and orgasmic bliss.

Weaving together the knowledge of modern anatomy of healing and arousal, with the deep wisdom of Tantra and the feminine essence, you will be lovingly guided on an insightful journey to your own sexual awakening. 

The art of embodiment
Women’s pleasure and arousal anatomy
The nature of and movement of sexual energy
How to access your turn-on in and out of the bedroom
How to access states of surrender
How to create an intimate relationship with your body, allowing you to open more to another
Pathways to different types of orgasm including external, internal, full-body and energetic
To understand your blocks to pleasure, sexual empowerment and orgasm

“The thing is, Kerrie walks her talk, she is an embodiment of what she teaches, she does the work and you can feel that energy illuminating off her sphere as she holds you. I left feeling a whole yes to my already incredible relationship (after 8 years married, trauma and therefore intimacy seemed unachievable), confident in my divinity and more at home in my body. It has been a transformational journey and I highly recommend working with Kerrie in any capacity, if you are willing to step up into your power and ready to change your eternal world”
– Sheeana

3 hours
Your accommodation


PDF journaling prompts to deepen your sexual awakening and relationship with your body
Take-home guided audio meditation for deeper states of embodiment and awakening to the feminine
Guided audio practise for raising kundalini and full-body orgasm
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