Sacred Mumma Ceremony

A blessing ceremony in honour of the sacred rite of passage into Motherhood

Held by Zoe Bosco, Kinesiologist and Doula, this offering includes a 2 hour in-person blessing ceremony in honour of the sacred rite of passage into Motherhood.

This ceremony is infused with kinesiology and quantum healing to activate birth intentions and harmonise the birth space. Each guest will receive the Ode’s selfcare product to anchor the birth intentions through the ceremony and leave with a personalised ritual practice to carry out once the mother is in labour. This will fortify the birth space with high vibrational intent and support the Mumma with a uniquely woven energy field that she can lean back into for support whenever she needs.

The intention is that Mumma and all her guests remember their truth – you are a force of nature, uniquely beautiful and oh so gifted. By gathering together in sacred space with conscious intent we as Women can create anything our hearts, wombs and souls desire. Together we will honour the Maiden and bless the Mother as she journeys through this sacred rite of passage.

2 hours
Moonshine Women Home


Intention setting practice for mother sent via email prior to the experience
1 x 2hr in person Sacred Ceremony experience led by Zoe Bosco at your retreat
Beautiful sacred ceremony set up inc. crystals, flowers and treats
1 x the Ode product per person aligned with the intentions of the ritual
Reflection practice sent to all via email post the experience

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