Chocolate Cacao Ceremony

Learn and experience the foundations of earth magic and Andean cosmology

Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremonies are a way to live more fully from our hearts. These ceremonies have their foundations in Andean Shamanism. As we continue to lose our connection to nature, it’s even more potent to reconnect with the seven directions and the elements in ceremony. We do this with the assistance of Theobroma Cacao.

The cacao brew is a symbol of the elements; the cacao symbolizes earth, cayenne pepper symbolizing fire, water for water, and the prayer we put into the cacao symbolizing air. We use the cacao to reconnect to the elements both within and in the world around us. The focus is on developing reverence for the natural world, which includes our own bodies.

It has been long recognized throughout the Americas that Cacao is a sacred plant medicine. She is an ally here to help us reconnect with our hearts. Because it is here through the portal of our heart that we are able to more deeply connect with ourselves and to the natural world.

This experience is led by Caterina Boutagy, who has worked with cacao as a plant medicine for many years. She first connected deeply with the sacred medicine of cacao during her two year journey up and down North, Central, and South America where she was blessed to experience cacao served in many different ways and settings, from dance floors in Mexico, rainbow gatherings in Colombia, cacao plantations in Brazil, and Mayan ceremonies in Guatemala. Some years later Caterina was initiated into an Andean way of serving the medicine by her teacher Jemmita, as has been passed on by the Andean lineage of the Seven Rays.

2 hours
Moonshine Women Home


1 cup of ceremonial grade Cacao
Discourse on Andean Shamanism fundamentals; the seven directions, elements, plant spirits and reciprocity
Collective prayer to the directions and elements
Guided meditation and guided movement practice
Co-creation of a Despacho, Andean Earth Offering
Andean soul retrieval

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