Psychic Reading

Be divinely held as you connect with the unseen forces that lovingly guide and protect you

Open your heart and receive an abundance of wisdom and healing from higher sources to support your journey. The intention is for you to reconnect you with the unseen forces that lovingly guide and protect you throughout any cycle of your life. Simply give yourself the time to be held and bask in the magic and enchantment of an otherworldly, mystical experience. 

Genevieve and Kirsten are both mediums for the divine that emanate truth, love and expansion throughout their life’s work. They both hold safe and sacred space to guide you to your highest self, communicating with their natural extensions and connecting closely with Spirit. Genevieve and Kirsten both offer unique experiences, and will be the medicine in which your soul is calling forth. 

Take a moment to feel into the resonance of the two intuitive reading offerings below. These readings are done virtually in the comfort of your retreat. Trusting that you will always receive the information you most need at that time, specific to your present challenges and life experiences.


Kirsten is an Intuitive Psychic, Healer, Mediator and facilitator of journeys that will guide you deeper into yourself. She works with people who are ready to open themselves to the infinite wisdom and transformative power of Spirit energy. Lovingly guiding any person who is ready to peel back layers of untruth and heal old wounds so that they may embody their true and loving nature, realise the potency of their inherent gifts, expand their capacity to enjoy ease and abundance, and ultimately be in service to others.

Kirsten’s intention is that you realise your value is unchanging, your gifts are inherent, your capacity to give and receive love is unbounded, and your power and potential is unlimited. She prays that life opens its arms to you as you open to the depths of yourself. That you are touched by the wisdom of the angels and guides who sit by you always. That you are humbled by the profound love of this abundant universe. That you realise you are absolutely and completely held; never alone on this journey back to love, connection, service and grace.


Genevieve is a Creator, Medium, Healer, Doula and truth teller. She is deeply passionate about guiding others towards their highest potential and destiny, reclaiming their power and untamed wilderness. She is here to awaken you back into your divine source of light, soul’s mission, and pave a path that is deeply fulfilling and liberating. 

Initiating many individuals back into their sacred divine feminine and masculine energies, innate gifts and connection to heaven and earth. She grounds your spiritual journey to honour your truth and purpose, and shed light on the unique difference you can make in our world.

She delivers all information and conduits of healing with great integrity, reverence and compassion. Information relating to the following areas may come through: Spiritual growth, relationships, study, career, business, life purpose and highest callings, recalibration of lifestyle and health/bodily issues. 

Genevieve may also be guided to conduct healing in a session. The following may include: general Aura clearing, Past Lives, Trauma held in the body from this lifetime, Subconscious beliefs and patterns, Unblocking and rebalancing of Chakras, Healing towards physical ailments in the body, Womb healing and awakening, Activations of Eros energy, Activations for innate intuitive and/or healing gifts and Clearing of energy in home and office spaces.

To begin your journey, two days prior to your session, you will receive guidance on how to set your intention, prepare your being and carve out your space. To help integrate your session, you will receive guidance on supportive integration practices, as well as personal support within 48 hours of your session.

45 / 90 minutes
Moonshine Women Home


45 minute 1:1 reading via Zoom
Insight into your future path
Uncovering of blocks preventing you from moving forward
Opportunity to ask questions for guidance on any area of your life
Audio recorded and sent to your email for future reference

Guidance on preparation and journaling prompts two days before session
90 minutes of channeled divine guidance to bring truth, clarity and evolution upon the past, present, and future
Energetic healing to to restore the the mind, body and soul back into harmony, health and balance
Awakening of higher aspects and energetic bodies within the Spirit
Angel Oracle Card reading
Zoom recording of journey together
Guidance on integration and reflection prompts
48 hours of personal after-care support via WhatsApp

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