Om Cade

Choose between an exquisite plant-based catered feast or a self-guided cooking experience

Gathering around and nourishing your body with wholesome food is a core element to a Moonshine Women holiday. 

We invite you on a culinary experience with poet, writer and plant-based cook, Cade McConnell. Experience consciously prepared plant-based food along with friendly service and his incredible passion for the land and sea.

Cade is devoted to organic and seasonal produce, minimal packaging and wastage. and preparing food from scratch. Food is served in many unique forms of cookware, from rustic ceramic bowls and plates, to handmade clay pots and hand-beaten copper spoons, which all add to the unique food experience.

Your Moonshine Women holiday can also include an exclusive Om Cade self catering experience. Be guided from the comfort of your retreat space, through short videos and your own organic food kit, to learn and prepare simple, nourishing meals for your stay. Flow at your own meditative pace, or have some fun in the kitchen connecting with the women you love while creating, learning and sharing intentional meals together. 

Across the in-person and guided cooking experience, Cade is aware of every ingredient and intention that goes into your food. He doesn’t use any refined sugars or nasty ingredients. Gluten is not often used in cooking, unless using sourdough bread and dairy is used in the form of ghee if needed, otherwise coconut and extra virgin olive oil is used.

You Decide
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Private Catering –
Consciously prepared plant-based food along with friendly service, passion and knowledge. Cade will reflect his own life journey in the meals he creates for your retreat tribe. Held in person at your retreat accommodation or venue, you can choose from a full day catering package or just breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most dishes are created from produce and ingredients that are available at the time. Sample dinner menu ranges from Satay pumpkin, Sri Lankan dahl, Seasonal greens, Homemade dukkah, Fresh herbs, Beetroot coconut chutney, Stir fried miso greens and Ayurvedic kitchari. 

Self Catering Experience –
Moonshine Women is so excited to collaborate with Cade to bring a unique, nurturing self catering experience. In the comfort of your retreat home, you’ll have a personally curated food kit with all the ingredients you need to create your own nourishing feast. Cade will support you step by step through intentional, fun videos that you can stream together with your retreat guests to make your own meals in your kitchen. Grounded in Cade’s food philosophy, the menus available change to align with the seasons. You’re welcome to add on as many meals as you’d like to your retreat stay from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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