Mindset and Resilience

Learn how to unlock your human potential with globally-acclaimed coach, speaker and mindset expert Vashti Whitfield

Transformational Speaker, Facilitator and Performance Coach, Vashti Whitfield, is here to work with you to redefine, repurpose and realign the best version of you. 

In this 2 hour private Masterclass, Vashti will coach you into unblocking, unlocking and harnessing your human potential. Whether you’re navigating your way out of a challenging chapter or desiring to truly step up and create the life you deeply desire – Vashti will provoke, inspire and facilitate your transformation. BUT – you must be ready to take action. 

In order for you to really dive into the potential of a situation and make things happen in your life, it is absolutely critical that you own, choose and understand what you want. This will immediately support you to clarify your level of commitment to your goal, and help expose any underlying fears that might have held you back up to this point.

When you are crystal clear on your intention – your brain is motivated and capable of making almost anything happen. 

So, are you ready to pinpoint your area of change and dig deeply into your inspiring next chapter?

Vashti Whitfield is a globally-acclaimed coach and speaker, sought-after resilience and mindset expert, documentary maker, and published author. With over twenty years facilitating and studying the human experience of Life, Loss, Leadership and Legacy, Vashti is the definition of a Transformational Facilitator. Disarmingly candid and undeniably authentic Vashti uses her vast professional experience to uncover and harness human potential. 

Instead of worrying about the future, why not put the same amount of energy into creating it.
— Vashti Whitfield


“As a hugely impactful and engaging coach, facilitator and speaker, Vashti overflows with energy, humanity, wisdom and profound insight.  She is provocative and challenging and in relentless pursuit of supporting learning and growth for the individuals lucky enough to encounter her”.
– Lisa Wandl, CEO & Founder Coach Australia + Couch Global

2 hours
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A private 2 hour transformational online coaching session with Vashti Whitfield
Creating a framework to clarify and define the areas you would most like to focus on
Learn practical and empowering techniques to overcome the blocks that sabotage your potential
Challenge, support and encourage you to step curiously and fearlessly into the next phase of your life

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