Meditation and Mindfulness

Calm your overactive mind and integrate these arts into your everyday life with Janoah van Kekem

Maybe you’re a beginner and have dabbled with an app before or done a few guided meditations? Maybe you’re inconsistent with your practice and don’t really feel like you’re getting much out of it?

Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t mean you have to clear your mind or sit like a monk!

Janoah’s intention is to have you walk away with not only a better understanding of the differences and types of meditation and mindfulness but also some tools and practices you can easily integrate into your life.

Be guided on a 1:1 or group experience with Janoah Van Kekem, skeptic turned Vedic Meditation Teacher who’s been training in the field of mindfulness and mediation for 10 years. In this Masterclass you’ll learn how to meditate more effectively to reduce stress and anxiety, get deeper and create more calm in your mind without needing to be guided or use apps ever again.

“One thing I am not is a spiritual guru levitating around in a robe… My aim is to normalise meditation and I bring a slightly more real and fun approach to how I teach… No idea what you are doing? Perfect, I know what that felt like”

“It honestly for me was life changing. I learnt how to stop, go inward, feel it all, and create a new found peaceful sanctuary within. I even look different lol. You literally gave me my power back. No one actually teaches this stuff, and meditation can be super daunting at first, but I genuinely am so grateful for you and the skill you have given me. I don’t need to rely on Youtube for my inner peace. To be honest, if the whole world did this, even through the shit, we would have a new world (can you imagine). I seriously learnt so much about myself and I truly am grateful for your teachings”
– Tiahna

2 hours
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2hr Live Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop
Meditation fundamentals (different types)
Learn Mantra Meditation technique
Neuroscience of Stress Release
Three Pillars of Mindfulness
Mindfulness technique
Access to follow up Private FB group for any questions
Free access to the online Mind Maverick Meditation Course (value $247)
15% discount to future Vedic Meditation Course with Janoah

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