Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Patty Douglas trains you to embody your inner knowing and connect with your spirit guides

There’s so much magic that awaits us if we allow it. If we choose to see it, if we choose to believe in it. There’s so much support, love and guidance waiting for us to invite in.

So what are you waiting for? A permission slip to be totally supported and guided? Here it is.

Patty and her guides will invite you into your deepest knowing that you’re not alone and you never have been. Expect magic and miracles when you tap into the ever present knowing that you are the magic and that your guides are your biggest cheerleaders, friends and mentors.

Patty has supported women all over the globe to connect with their inner guidance. If you want to feel supported, connected and powerful – this is the experience for you.

Patty’s teachings are practical and tangible. You’ll leave having the tools to practice embodying self-trust. This space will allow you to release resistance to the unknown and invite the presence of love that will speak so clearly to you.

This experience will expand your awareness of what’s possible. If you know, you know.

Continue this practice long after this masterclass with a special guided meditation to connect you with your power source. A place that knows all and sits in a well of trust. This meditation allows you to receive guidance from the truth of who you are, for your next steps. Clear and concise. Loving and literal.

“I absolutely love working with Patty. Her energy, her power and her ability to guide are extraordinary. Before working with Patrice I was wanting to trust me more, wanting to sink into my own knowing, but I didn’t quite know how. Patty helped and guided me – she helped me discover more of ME.

I have more freedom, more trust in myself, more space and definitely more peace since working with Patty. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with her – if you feel the nudge, JUMP AT IT.”

– Rach

4 hours
Moonshine Women home


Simple techniques to embody your inner knowing
Practical tools to connect and communicate with your spirit guides
A special guided meditation
Leave feeling supported, powerful and connected
Nourishing snacks

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