Group Hypnotherapy

Access your subconscious mind to heal traumas from present or past lives

Be guided back to your soul so you can become the most confident, turned on, radiant and abundant version of yourself. Led by Carlie Jade, Rapid Transformational Therapist, experience a mixture of hypnotherapy and her own intuitive gifts in this powerful group experience.

As the feminine continues to rise there is no safer space to heal your traumas than being surrounded by all your sisters, going through the journey together. Hypnotherapy allows you to access your subconscious mind to heal traumas that were created in the early years of your life that no longer serve you. Our subconscious rules 95% of our mind and 70% of our subconscious programs and beliefs are negative. By clearing the layers, you organically embody the true essence of your soul and reconnect to your innate goddess within.

Although this is a group session, you each will go through your own journey. Carlie will take you back to 3 scenes, where the limiting beliefs have stemmed from. These scenes vary from going back to past lives, your mothers womb, being a child or even older into adolescence. There is really no right or wrong. But this is a safe space for you to explore traumas without reliving anything and seeing things for actually what they are. You will be guided as a group to heal these traumas, with an invitation to then meet your highest self and embody this version of you.

After the session, the space will open up for a sharing circle with your sisters for integration.

Carlie has witnessed many women find their voice, their purpose and their authentic self through healing past trauma. They’ve come back to their bodies and their souls, rapidly up-levelling their lives. Hypnotherapy gives you the answers you’ve been searching for your whole life and empowers you to use your voice. All you have to do is say yes.

3 hours
Moonshine Women Home


3 hours hypnotherapy session and sharing circle
Hypnosis recording from the session to take home and continue the work after the session

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