Breathwork Masterclass

Reawaken your life-force energy with Kerrie Louise so you can become an energetic match for your dream life

Join Kerrie Louise on a journey to reconnect with your life-force energy, your Kundalini Shakti energy.

Often our Shakti remains dormant or repressed beneath layers of contraction, tension and fear. When a woman is disconnected from her essence she lacks clarity and vitality, she looks outside herself for answers and denies her true needs. She has repressed her deep inner-knowing and settles for less than she knows she is capable of.

Awakening your life-force energy powerfully opens up pathways for you to reconnect with your inner-knowing and optimum health. Feel empowered around your body and emotions. Discover liberation within your own body-mind. Burn through layers of disconnection, contraction and disempowerment. Become an energetic match for your dream life, career and partnership.

In this 2 hour journey, Kerrie will teach you the Tantric philosophy that will empower you to understand the nature of your own potent life-force. Navigate your emotions, and work with areas of resistance, contraction and fear in your life.

You will be guided on an individual journey surrounded by your sisters. Breath, movement and sound will be used to move through unconscious blocks to thriving self actualisation, and safely awaken a deeper connection to your own divine and powerful essence. We close the journey by reconnecting to one another in sacred circle to share and integrate the journey together.

Kerrie is a Tantra teacher, a Tao Tantric Sacred Feminine Arts facilitator, and an embodiment, sexuality and relationship coach for singles and couples. She works closely with individuals to access deep healing, love, freedom and inner-empowerment.

2 hours
Moonshine Women Home


Tantric philosophy lecture
Breathwork Journey – mostly laying down, small amount of movement at the beginning
Women’s circle

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