Body Poetry Yoga

Internationally renowned yoga teacher and artist Lara Zilibowitz guides you into reconnecting with your inborn creative genius

Join internationally renowned yoga teacher and artist Lara Zilibowitz for a movement meditation Masterclass dedicated to your wild and free body nature.

This is an invitation to reconnect with your inborn creative genius. To realise your body as a powerful ally, as an agent of release, of healing, of mystery and magnificence.

This is an opportunity to attune to the unique language of your Being, that doesn’t speak in manmade words or express in straight lines. Instead it surges and sparks with meaningful somatic memory, it quakes with colour and texture and temperature.

This is your exquisite Body Poetry. A boundless field of creativity and intelligence, a potent source of power, intuition, and abundant pleasure.

Through guided visualisation, breathwork, freeform exploration and intentional yoga transitions, you’re invited to strip away layers of stress, muscle clench and coping, to reveal your deeper nature, and reclaim the innate intelligence your body holds.

The space will be held for you to explore the full array of sensory and emotional symptoms that arise – the sublime as well as the ugly – in order to savour the full human experience: body, mind and spirit, as alive, open and integrated. With lasting resources and inspiration to take back into the world.

1.5 hours
Your Accommodation


90 minute journey of yoga, breathwork and meditation – catered to all levels
Paired with a deeply immersive soundscape
Mats and props as needed
Access to an online class for further integration post session

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