Biodynamic Energy Healing

Allow tension to soften as your body, mind and spirit come back into alignment

A Biodynamic Energy session with Sarah is a unique experience to relax and bring your body, mind and spirit back into alignment in the comfort of your retreat. The remote energy session works primarily with the nervous system. As it relaxes, the internal ‘noise’ begins to quiet. Tensions soften and flow increases. Connection to parts that have felt absent, but in fact have always been there, become felt and familiar. Trust and safety builds within. The potential for change becomes limitless.

Whether it’s reducing physical pain and tension, healing a grieving heart, stilling an overactive mind, resolving trauma, working with your inner child, ancestral lines, past lives or deepening your spiritual connection and knowing, the intelligence of energy knows how to support you back into a centred calm.

After an initial consultation, you will lie comfortably on your bed supported and guided by Sarah via zoom. Waves of calming energy build to nurture what needs nurturing, to release and support what wants to let go, and to soothe and reassure any resistance so that you can release discomfort to ground and heal. Every session is unique. There is time at the end to talk about what came up.

Sarah believes in empowering  and supporting you to be able to trust what you feel and sense. She brings 25 years therapy experience and works with clients all over the world. 

Energy knows no distance and Sarah can see and intuit more in this form. This is an intimate experience that will leave you feeling held and deeply grounded.

75 minutes
Moonshine Women home


75 minute Biodynamic Energy Session via Zoom
Recording of post session debrief sent via email
Oracle card reading performed and sent upon completion of session

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