Moonshine Women


Our collective of practitioners offer exclusive Masterclasses as part of your Moonshine Women holiday. Weaving intentional teachings with practical tools and techniques, these masterclasses will leave you with all you need to integrate all you’ve discovered into your everyday life. Our intention is that you have vitality, support and energy for the year ahead. These practioners are hand selected as leaders in their field who have over five years experience in their practice, embody their teachings and align with Moonshine Women values and spirit.


Cassey Maynard

Cass is a Holistic Health and Fitness Expert, who has been working with women for over 10 years. She shifts the perspective of over training, restrictive lifestyle and obsessive behaviour – highlighting it as a very unhealthy masculine way of ‘doing' that leads to breakdowns, burnouts, injuries, body shaming and guilty feels.

She guides you to slow down and connect to your body again. To learn how to honour and work with your cycle and bleed. To gain awareness around your masculine and feminine energies. To deepen your relationship with your body, womb and heart. To unblock chakras that are holding you back from standing in your power. 



Patrice Douglas

Patty is a mentor for women who seek to explore the tantalising edges of life and crack open the potential of their spiritual essence. Her mission is to guide you back to your centre and have you trust yourself enough to hear, listen and live by the orgasmic whispers of your soul.

She has supported women all over the world to welcome in the infinite magic and guidance that is always available. Patty believes that a woman who is nourished and rested is unstoppable, and when you marry that with a powerful relationship with herself, life and her spirit guides -  there’s nothing she can’t be, do or have.



Kerrie Louise

Kerrie is a Tantra teacher, a Tao Tantric Sacred Feminine Arts facilitator, and an embodiment, sexuality and relationship coach for singles and couples. She works closely with individuals to access deep healing, love, freedom and inner-empowerment.

Learn the art for of Tantric philosophy that will empower you to understand the nature of your own potent life-force. Navigate your emotions, and work with areas of resistance so you can become an energetic match for your dream life, career and partnership. A journey with Kerrie opens the pathways to reconnect with inner-knowing and optimum health.


Jordanna Levin

Jordanna Levin

Jordanna is the bestselling author of Make It Happen and Higher Love and the host of three successful podcast shows. With her background in journalism, she has built a reputation for taking ‘big’ topics and making them relatable, digestible and downright entertaining. 

She is passionate to teach you the foolproof equation that has allowed thousands of women worldwide to manifest with ease.  A guided journey to gain clarity around what it is you want to manifest in your life and embody the tools that will allow you to immerse yourself in the life you’ve created for yourself.


Zoe Bosco (67 of 173)

Zoe Bosco

Zoe is a Quantum Healer and Kinesiologist, who holds sacred space to connect deeply to your heart and set intentions for what you desire to create and manifest. Infused with Kinesiology and embodiment practices to support you in aligning your subconscious field with your conscious intent. 

Set intentions and expand into the field of potential. You will be guided to learn how to insource divine feminine wisdom, guidance, and creativity to discover your unique magic.Return home equipped with the art of self balancing techniques, resources and meditations to continue to anchor your practice.