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The ultimate styled feast for you to gather around a table with the women you love whilst nourishing you deeply

Biodynamic Energy Healing

Allow tension to soften as your body, mind and spirit come back into alignment

Breathwork Masterclass

Reawaken your life-force energy with Kerrie Louise so you can become an energetic match for your dream life


Learn how to surf in one of the world’s most iconic surf towns with a private or group lesson

The Embodied Feminine

Cass Maynard teaches you how to work with your cycle and energies, so you can lead from your true feminine nature

Ceremona Women’s Circle

Reconnect with each other, the Divine Feminine and your inner self in a bespoke ceremony

Om Cade

Choose between an exquisite plant-based catered feast or a self-guided cooking experience

Temple Farmhouse

The ultimate playground for a soulful retreat, nestled in the rural town of Nashua


Bathe under the stars and recharge in a luxurious king bed, the solo travellers dream

Chocolate Cacao Ceremony

Learn and experience the foundations of earth magic and Andean cosmology

Tallow Beach Villa

Surrounded by subtropical rainforest and footsteps away from Byron's white sand beaches

Boudoir Photography

A solo boudoir experience to capture your raw essence at this point in your journey

Hinterland House

Slip into a scene from The Great Gatsby as you retreat in a 1900’s heritage homestead

Life drawing

Learn the historic art of life drawing in an intimate and fun group experience

Tantric Rewilding Journey

Reawaken the untamed, primal parts of your feminine essence to unleash your full power


A meditative whole body experience to quiet the mind and release energy

Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Patty Douglas trains you to embody your inner knowing and connect with your spirit guides

Group Hypnotherapy

Access your subconscious mind to heal traumas from present or past lives

Manifestation Workshop

Access your deepest intuition as Jordanna Levin shares the foolproof equation to manifest with ease

Sacred Mumma Ceremony

A blessing ceremony in honour of the sacred rite of passage into Motherhood

the Ode Ritual

A sacred ritual infused with kinesiology to awaken the wisdom of your heart, womb and body

Sri Lankan Cooking Workshop

Learn how to cook a delicious plant-based feast as you the harness traditional methods of Sri Lankan cooking

Byron View Farm

An intimate retreat perched on the highest hilltop of the Byron Hinterland


A grand 100 year old farm positioned across 79 acres of Byron's enchanted hinterland

Guided Aboriginal Tours

Learn about Cape Byron's significant places, history and traditional stories

Sound Bath Meditation

Surrender to your deepest restoration with a luxe multi-sensory meditation

Psychic Reading

Be divinely held as you connect with the unseen forces that lovingly guide and protect you


An oasis designed to nurture, set across 22 acres of rainforest in the Byron Hinterland

Collective Retreat

A peaceful and spacious designer cottage in the old country town of Bangalow

Bachelorette Boudoir

A group and solo photoshoot to celebrate friendship and your natural beauty

Spa Menu

Bespoke wellness experiences with optimal results and ultimate indulgence

Erotic Archetype Journey

Journey into the erotic feminine archetypes in a fun and non-sexual group setting


A Mediterranean inspired dream home hidden in Byron's hinterland, for your day gathering

The Art of Seduction

Tap into your inner seductress and confidence as you master an empowered lap dance

The Perch

Rustic luxury immersed in nature, perched high above Possum Creek Valley