Moonshine Women

Our Commitment

To hold you wholeheartedly from the moment you book, throughout your stay and ensure you arrive home deeply restored with everything you need to be at optimum health for at least 12 months. 

To take you on a holiday where you'll carve out time to learn, nourish and up-level your life surrounded by beauty and invaluable education to develop a better you.

To create a most nurturing environment for you to connect deeply with your highest self and the women you love. 

With over 13 years experience in the luxury travel and hospitality industry, we’re devoted to delivering a next level of service so you have the best holiday imaginable.

Howdy! I'm Billie

Kooky gemini. Lover of blues. Wolfmother. Introvert. And creator of Moonshine Women.


Face it. It's time to get practical about how you're going to move through and rise up in a COVID world. You can't always rely on a wellness studio or a practitioner to 'fix you'...especially when homebound. So let's shift how you restore yourself. 

A Moonshine Women holiday is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. It brings the power back to YOU. Making it easy for you to step into your highest potential and live your best life, whilst taking you on a first-class luxury holiday.


I’ve been the workaholic and worrywart who wakes up everyday feeling exhausted, relying on other humans to restore my energy. When the COVID lockdowns kicked off, I decided to become a student again. But this time it was to build an inner toolkit of knowledge and skillset.

Before I knew it 10 months had passed and I was 14 courses deep. Learning from world leaders the how-to’s on improving my sleep, energy levels, career fulfilment, manifestation powers and much, much more.

This path of self development education completely CHANGED THE GAME. I started to take responsibility for my life, because I knew how to.

And so I’ve harnessed my lockdown lessons and expansion to create Moonshine Women, a way for you to make it easier for you to access this way of wellness.

My deepest desire is for you to walk fearlessly into your future, no matter how it looks. To feel empowered, equipped with a toolkit of wellness that allows you to thrive. 

Moonshine Women has been created to support you on every level, whilst treating yourself to a restorative holiday with everything looked after - so you can focus on learning and recharging.

Moonshine Women Invites You On A Holiday Like No Other. Learn Exclusive Wellness Techniques And Practices To Prolong Your Wellness All Year.

Our homes

Experience some of the most breathtaking private properties nestled in the hinterland of Bundjalung Country, the healing region of Australia. The Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Each home has been hand-selected to ensure it meets the standards of what it takes to turn your average getaway into a luxury holiday immersed in the beauty of nature.

Our Community

A woman alone has power. Collectively we have impact. Moonshine Women proudly donates a portion of sales to The Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre’s Women's Resource Service. A local not for profit, who have been supporting women and children affected by violence in the Byron Shire for over 30 years.

Neighbourhood Centre